1978-1988 A & G-Body Chassis Information

The purpose of this page is to try and document some of the FAQs about the '78-'88 A& G body cars. The majority of the cars produced were the Buick Regal, Chevy Monte Carlo, Oldsmobile Cutlass, and Pontiac Grand Prix. The earlier cars include the Chevy Malibu ('78-'83) and El Camino ('78-'87), Pontiac Bonneville ('78-'87 4-door), and Pontiac Grand Am and Le Mans ('78-'80 2-door). GMC also had their own version of the El Camino known as the Caballero.

This information was compiled from members of the Monte Carlo Mailing List, OldsG-Mail, and the Chassis List. Thanks to all who gave info.

- Body Mount Bolt Information (1982-88)

There are three different size bolts.

Position 1 uses GM P/N 10049638 (sold ea., 2 needed). Bolt is 12 X 1.75 X 95mm long.
95mm is not common so you have to use 100mm.

Position 3 uses GM P/N 14085301 (sold by pkgs. of 5, 2 needed). Bolt is 10 X 1.5 X 55mm long. Also need two nuts.

Position 2, 4, 6, 7 uses GM P/N 3524497 (sold by pkgs. of 5, 8 needed). Bolts are 10 X 1.5 X 80mm long.

- Interchangeable Parts Between the G-bodies - Mechanical

- Interchangeable Parts Between the G-bodies - Interior/Exterior

- Additional Parts from Donor Vehicles

- 1LE Bushing Part Numbers

- Moog Problem Solver Part Numbers