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The G-body Monte Carlo SS has great potential but is a weak performer in stock form. It's anemic carbureted 180hp 305, automatic transmission, and undersized brakes are some of the drawbacks. With the help a few good friends, the previously mentioned parts have made way for much bigger things. Tuned Port Fuel Injection has replaced the carburetor, and it feeds a built roller-cammed 355. A 5-speed manual transmission now sits in the tranny tunnel. Finally, larger wheels, bigger brakes, and a better suspension have transformed this once mild-mannered SS into a sinister machine. Almost all of the modifications are GM parts, but they are not G-body parts. The finished product looks like it rolled off the assembly line this way and wasn’t hacked together. My goal was to make it run like hell, handle great, and stop on a dime. In other words -

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